Wednesday, June 6

lonely.don't hurts

I know that u're gonna hate me for saying this word right now. but i ain't got no choice, i just have to let it out. cause u see lately, something's changed in my mind. hrm. seems the fire within me has died. i'm stranger to myself, don't wanna feel this way.. u're so sweet so lovely, but even so i let go, i don't know why. what's taking over me? u're loving arms reach out for me. 

Baby i'm sorry even though u're here i'm lonely. i'm so selfish, i ain't worthy of ur heart. wait here and watch me walk away. i'm sorry here's is the ending to our story. when we're close i still feel like we're world's apart. i can't stay cause with u i feel so lonely.

U didn't create this problem. all of this my own fault. i can swear to God that i've been ready to break up from the start. when u hold me i feel trapped i wanna run away. how come when i'm met by love it makes weak and empty. 

Cause i'm just another girl who tired of being lonely. i can't take it anymore, goodbye..  cause i'm just another girl who tired of it all. i just cannot stay cause with u i feel very lonely dear :)

Our love is like an empty roller coaster road. after all the ups and the downs we've had now i gotta let u go. i was naive i thought together we'd grow old. when i think of the time i hurt u so, it pains my heart and soul. now just let it be cause there's nothing to do but let go.. untill the world will allow our love then... we will say goodbye. 

Its ok baby.. please don't cry. we've come  to the end our journey tonite. but u will meet me somewhere down the line. we'll be lovers again in another life. day after day we fought a neverending war. all this anger is truly blinded us. 'till we couldn't see no more. 

So many nite i stayed up worrying alone. 'cause i burried the guilt inside my heart. 'till tears would over flow. (baby i cried) when tears come to me, when i feel so low and sad. i remember the time u used to hold me close. we don't have to fight, don't have to fight anymore, alrite? 

Think of the time not long ago. all those days we spent along. walking hand in hand and never letting them go. but now u're into someone new. and i can't forgive u. for making all those promises that never will come true. tell me now where did our love go, tell me now i've got the right to know, tell me how u can stand the way u're hurting me so, tell me if u ever change ur mind, tell me if wanna make it right.... 

Am i the only one hurt tonight?

Baby, why don't u care. what ever happens to me. u won't be there. and i know, where ever we go. we'll be apart. can't u see what u have done to the girl that u adored? i used to touch the sky but now i'm down to the floor. i gave my everything to u. and we both know that whoever u replaced me with she'll never love u like i do.. 

U're no longer the man u used to be. 'cause the man that i loved wasn't cruel to me. he'd never hurt me so. now i'm on my knees as u watch me cry. u just stand there calm all u do is sigh. no way! i can't recogonize u're not mine anymore. u're not mine anymore :)

Can u come back to me. just the way we used to be.. can u bring ur love back to me.



!ej@ FeNdy said...

Cdih sgt ke?? huhuhuhu

erna baharom said...

tak lah. saje melayan jiwa lara haha.

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